Why I Use Blogger

Why I Use Blogger
by Sue Basko, esq.

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A stalker on the internet was mocking that I use Blogger, implying that as a lawyer, I should pay for website hosting.  Mostly, I think this person was complaining that he was neither able to hack my blogs, nor DDOS them.  Those are two of the reasons I use Blogger.  

Blogger is not perfect.  There is no option for a Contact Form. (UPDATE 2015: There is now a Contact Form widget available!)  I would also like to see a music player with the option of adding my own mp3s onto it.  And the User Interface is probably very complex for people who have not used it since Blogger began, as changes have been built upon it to make it more and more complex, with many things hidden from the beginning user.  On the other hand, there are many instant style options for users who don’t want to spend time on their design. 

 I love using Blogger, and here’s why:

1) Blogger has highly flexible design options.  One can get on and use an instant format, or go to more design-it-yourself options.  There are magazine styles for those who use a lot of photos.  I use more text.  I love doing website design and the more advanced options let me do that.  I can import my own textures, banners, etc.  There are lots of font choices.     

2) Blogger lets me use HTML, for flexible design.  I feel so constrained on sites where HTML is not an option. 

3) Google puts mega-millions of dollars into the Blogger design, security, and serving.  Whatever I could afford would not begin to be as good.  And Google keeps making improvements. 

4) You want to attack my site’s server?  That’s Google’s super secure server you’re going after. 

5) Blogger is crawling with spiders and has great SEO.  Google search brings lots of readers to my blogs.  My blogs have great SEO.  All the tools to get great SEO are built into the format.  Google is the major search engine; surely Blogger is designed to get great SEO on Google search.  

6) There’s lots of independent developers making gadgets for Blogger.  There’s always something new to add on, if you’re into that.

7) It’s easy to monetize Blogger. I don’t, because I don’t like ads.

8) I like to have a lot of blogs and sites.  With Blogger, that is easy and free.  When I get an idea for a new blog, I just start creating it, no problem.

9) Blogger interacts with Google search, gmail, google+, and youtube very easily.

10) Blogger has good analytics for free.

11) My blogs have withstood some highly stressed times when I have had many viewers at once, such as when Julian Assange was speaking on the balcony at the embassy and my blog was one of the only places with a working live video feed.

12) There are options for posts and pages. I use both.