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 We do not care who you are, where you are, or why you are reading this blog. We do not keep any records and we do not keep track of you in any way.  We intentionally do not run ads, because ads may infringe upon your privacy.  When you visit here, we do not get your IP address.  We do not subscribe to analytics and we do not compile visitor data of any kind for any purpose.

Google itself, which runs Blogger, does in some ways track visitors, but we do not know to what extent or for what purpose or how that information is stored.  Your own internet service and computer also track what you do.  Google puts cookies into your computer, too! By visiting this site, you agree to let Google use those cookies.

If a subpoena were to come to us regarding any visitor(s), we would have no information to give. If a subpoena were to go to Google, we would have no standing to challenge it -- and the only information would be whatever Google has.

In short, we do not care who you are, but Google cares somewhat.

BUT -- We appreciate you coming here to visit and read and learn and enjoy!  
Thank you so much!