Universal City Walk Hollywood
How to Perform There

Universal City Walk Hollywood- How to Perform There
by Sue Basko, esq.

Universal City Walk near Hollywood, California, is private property, so there are not street performers as such. But Universal City Walk does choose and pay performers.

Who They Book: Alternative, rock, jazz, Latin and pop acts.

PAY: Performers are paid $250 for a 45 minute set. Performers can sell merchandise and keep 100%.

Support: All performing acts will be provided audio support, production crew, security, operator for huge outdoor screen, marketing, and publicity

How? Universal City Walk uses Sonic Bids to pick its acts. Click on the link below.


What is Universal City Walk? It's a tourist trap that is free to enter, but where everything is high-priced. It's a beautiful well-kept place where families or groups of friends go for an afternoon or night out walking around and spending money. It is loaded with shops, attractions, restaurants, movies, etc. And there are performers. City Walk is known as a great place to catch free outdoor concerts. People usually love City Walk and have a great time -- it is a casual destination. Of course, competition to perform at such a place is fierce, and you will have to be a family-friendly hip act with a top-notch show to even stand a chance.

What is Sonic Bids? Sonic Bids is an online site where you can register as a performer and have a page that includes your full EPK (electronic press kit), including music, photos, bio, a list of needed equipment, past shows, set list, press, etc. Sonic Bids charges a fee and also charges for most submissions. I do know of musicians who have been booked for many gigs through Sonic Bids. I know of others that say they were never booked. They key seems to be persistence and having a professional presentation.