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Media: Susan Basko is available as a news source and also gives interviews.  Susan Basko has been a media source for World Trademark Review, ABC Nightline, BBC, Chicago Tribune, Chicago SunTimes, LAist,  Crain's Chicago Business, and many others.

Writing: Susan Basko has written for the publications Electronic MediaCarbondale Nightlife, and Screen magazine.  Susan answers legal questions on Quora - feel free to send in your question or to read the Answers she provides to others:  https://www.quora.com/profile/Sue-Basko

Susan Basko is lawyer in the bars of California, Illinois and is an Attorney and Counsellor of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  She is also an avid writer and owns several popular blogs.   She has produced and directed and done tech work on hundreds of television shows, videos, and events.  She is a lawyer who is an avid writer, with a technical background in television directing, producing, video editing, lighting, audio, music studio recording and mixing.   She has a special interest in protest and social justice, and in the use of new media technology as part of social change.

Susan does legal work for people in music, film, video, photography, venues, festivals, writers, journalists, people using the internet, website owners, protest planners, and more.


Susan Basko has a Juris Doctorate magna cum laude from Southern Illinois University School of Law. During law school, she was awarded a grant by the University and Professional Women's Association to fund screenplay research.  She was selected to the Inns of Court, was a member of the Trial Team, and was selected to be listed in the Who's Who of American Law Students.  While in law school, she was also enrolled in the graduate school of the Department of Radio - TV - Film.

Susan Basko also completed all the course work for a Masters Degree in Mass Communication Media Arts at Southern Illinois University, with an emphasis on Media Management.  There, she studied investigative journalism techniques,  historic research techniques, Media Law, Intellectual Property law, First Amendment Law, digital production, video and audio tech, and website design.

Susan follows the California and Illinois Legal Bar requirements for Continuing Legal Education and has taken hundreds of credit hours in Continuing Legal Education, including:  Internet Law; Social Media Law;   Strategy, Start-Ups, and  Virtual Corporations; Music Law; Sports Agency Law; Computer Forensics; Patent Law; Intellectual Property;  Ethics for Patent Attorneys; Ethical Considerations/ Risk Issues in Electronic Age;  Intersection of Digital Rights with Copyright and Trademark Law; Intellectual Property Litigation; Procedural and Forensic Issues in Electronic Discovery;  Patent Drawing; Persuasive Writing for Appellate Court;  and other topics in Intellectual Property Law and Computer Law.

Susan  Basko has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago.  She used the knowledge gained there to produce and direct a few hundred low budget television shows and videos for many prestigious organizations.  She also did tech work and production on hundreds of small, medium, and large-scale events, such as a Chinese circus and a giant rave dance floor.

Susan Basko writes a popular blog about Music and Media law.  That blog helps musicians, filmmakers, and other creative people understand basic law that applies in their fields.  She also interviews people such as music producers, a music video producer, designers, and a skateboard artist.

FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY: Susan Basko writes her blog OccupyPeace, which assists people worldwide in planning peaceful protests.  In 2012, she assisted OSCE-ODIHR, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights,  which has over 70 member nations, with organizational help for a study of Human Rights in Public Assembly.  The U.S. locations covered included the NATO protests in Chicago, the G8 protests in Maryland, and the Occupy protest movement in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Oakland, California.  The paper was presented to an international panel at the OSCE- ODIHR Summit in Vienna, Austria in November, 2012.  The study was groundbreaking in having ample video evidence for its statements of police abuse and human rights abuses in protests.  This video evidence was provided by indie media livestreamers across the U.S. and in other locations worldwide.

Susan Basko was honored to be invited to participate in the 2012 OSCE - ODIHR summit on Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association in Vienna, Austria, sponsored by the Irish Consultancy.  Sue put forth international legislative proposals for promotion and protection of the use of cell phones, live streaming and wifi at protests.  The proposals were included in the final draft of the legislative recommendations to the approximately 60 participating nations.

Susan's interest and commitment to freedoms of assembly and association infuse all of her work.

University of Chicago Institute of Politics, 2016-17
Attended seminar series taught by Deray McKesson, famously known for his participation in Black Lives Matter.

Harvard University, 2017.
Participated in Resistance School, a seminar series for political and social organizing.

PERSONAL:  Susan Basko has a life-long commitment to walking, bicycling, and using public transportation.  She promotes a city infrastructure that welcomes bicycles and skateboards.  She likes fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  She comes from a large, wonderful, close-knit family.  Music, nature, and good people are her favorite things.

Email:   SueBasko@gmail.com  

Sue's blog about indie music/ media law: susanbasko.com

Sue's blog about planning peaceful protest: occupypeace.blogspot.com

 Susan answers questions from the public on Quora: https://www.quora.com/profile/Sue-Basko

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