Releasing a Remix of a Cover Song

 Releasing a Remix of a Cover Song

by Susan Basko, Esq.


Do you know what the process of releasing a remix of another artist's song would be? I would imagine it's more complicated than a cover song.


Yes, that is a derivative work and you have to get permission from the owner of the sound copyright (such as a record label), as well as from the songwriters/ publishers, as well as often from the actual artist on the recording. Also, you need permission and access to the actual tracks. Issues that come into play are copyright, moral rights, etc. //

MANY people just make remixes illegally because of all this. If it turns out good, then they bring it to the people and say listen, if you like it, give me permission to sell it.

There is no statutory right to make a derivative work, -- they can tell you yes or no, set any limits, set any price, make any crazy demands.