Ten Reasons to Invest in Independent Films

Ten Reasons to Invest in Independent Films
by Sue Basko, esq.

If you want to invest in something where you are sure to be repaid and to make a profit, most independent films are a very poor choice. It is extremely difficult and rare for an independent film to recoup its costs, let alone become a moneymaker. The few that do are usually made by experienced people, backed by ample funding, and distributed by a top-rated mainstream distributor.

But.. there are other reasons to invest in independent film. One can invest in things other than the moneymaking aspects of a film. By giving your money to make a film, you can:

1) Help support the filmmakers, so they can eat, have a place to live, and make their movie;

2) Help promote the story or cause of the film, if it is something you believe in;

3) Help promote the art of filmmaking;

4) Get involved in an interesting project;

5) Let the filmmakers get needed experience so they can move on in their careers and use this film as samples on their reels;

6) Get experience yourself as a film funder or executive producer;

7) Get into the filmmaking community;

8) Get invited to screenings, parties, festivals, and awards ceremonies;

9) Perhaps take a role in the film -- either technical, acting, promotion, design or sales of licensed merchandise related to the film, etc;

10) Your leadership role in the film can lead to other opportunities outside of film.