Texas Talent Agents- the official word

Texas Talent Agents - The Official Word
by Sue Basko

I got this message today:

At their meeting held August 23, 2011, the Texas Commission of Licensing
and Regulation adopted the repeal of 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC)
Chapter 78, §§78.1, 78.10, 78.20, 78.21, 78.30, 78.40, 78.70, 78.72,
78.73, 78.75, 78.80, and 78.90 regarding the Talent Agencies program.
House Bill 3167, 82nd Legislature, Regular Session (2011), repealed
Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 2105 relating to Talent Agencies
effective September 1, 2011. Due to the low number of complaints and
limited authority to take disciplinary action under the statute, the
regulatory burden outweighs the benefit to the public of having this
occupation regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and
Regulation. The repeal of Chapter 2105 requires the repeal of the rules
that implement this statute and the Talent Agencies program. Therefore,
this rule adoption repeals all Commission rules relating to this program
under 16 TAC, Chapter 78.
The adoption was published in the September 9, 2011, issue of the Texas
Register (36 TexReg 5841. The effective date of the adopted repeal is
September 15, 2011. The justification for the adoption may be viewed at