Design for Events:
Disney/ E3 2010 Gaming Show Los Angeles

DESIGN FOR EVENTS: Disney/ E3 2010 Gaming Show Los Angeles
by Sue Basko, esq.

Aaron Kuehn has worked on some really cool designs for events. He makes drawings that are made into all sorts of things/spaces. These are team efforts, often headed up by Keith Greco of Greco Decor. You can see more pictures and read the whole list of thanks and credits at this link:

Instead of a serious wordy blog post today, I'll share some photos of the recent things they have worked on for Disney games on the 2010 E3 show in Los Angeles.
NOTE: CLICK on any photo to enlarge it.

TRON - Disney - E3 2010
The famous TRON booth!

Epic Mickey - Disney - E3 2010
The panels create a magical, organic space.
Pictures and lights are projected onto the panels to change the dynamics of the space.

As seen from above:

Click to enlarge this picture below. It gives a good idea of the structure
and scale of the space that was created by the panels.
This incredible simple creation is one of my favorites by Aaron.

Toy Story - Disney - E3 2010
These buildings were also part of an earlier Toy Story exhibit at Pixar headquarters.
The buildings change color and texture/patterns from within so that each building has many ways of appearing. Fun!