Do I Need a Lawyer for my Music and Film Stuff ?

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Music and Film Stuff?
by Sue Basko, esq.

As your creative project develops, your need for legal help increases. In the initial stages, a legal consultation helps form the project. As you get financing, we can do the needed legal work.


Have a contract to sign? Get it analyzed BEFORE you sign it, NOT after.

Formulating an agreement with someone? Have the agreement WRITTEN by a lawyer.

Planning to make a movie or run an event? Find out what you need, BEFORE you begin.

Starting a band or recording a CD? Get legal advice and contracts BEFORE you begin.

Writing a story based on real life? Get legal advice or rights FIRST.

Making a movie or video? BUDGET 10% legal work.

Trying to get a record label or music publisher deal? Most companies only accept demos from a lawyer or agent.

If you are asked to sign a deal memo or contract for a music deal, a lawyer should read it before you sign.

Starting a record label or music management company? You need lots of legal help with contracts and advice.

Producing a film, video, or television pilot? You need contracts and legal information.

Have you written songs? You need to know about copyrights.

Running an event? You'll need help with contracts, deal memos, permits, licenses, safety, insurance, and more.