Illinois Talent Agencies

Illinois Talent Agencies 
by Susan Basko, esq.

The Illinois Talent Agency law is a bit peculiar, in that it is a subsection of the Illinois Employment Agency law.  In Illinois, a Talent Agency is first considered an employment agency, and secondly is considered a talent agency.  Therefore, talent agencies in Illinois are required to take submissions or applications from anyone and everyone, just as an employment agency is required to do.  The agencies are not required to respond, however, unless they are interested in possibly representing the talent.

You can find the Illinois Talent Agency law mixed in with the employment agency law at this link: TALENT AGENCY LAW.  The talent gencies are required to be licensed and insured.  Each agent, which the law calls "employement counselor," is also required to be licensed.  An agency can only charge a registration fee with permission from the Illinois Department of Labor, and the fee cannot exceed $4. (four dollars) .  The law calls talent agencies "theatrical employment agencies."  These are the most pertinent parts of the law:

"Theatrical employment agency" means the business of conducting an agency, bureau, office or any other place for the purpose of procuring or offering, promising or attempting to provide engagements for persons who want employment in the following occupations: circus, vaudeville, theatrical and other entertainment, exhibitions, or performances, or of giving information as to where such engagements may be procured or provided, whether such business is conducted in a building, on the street, or elsewhere. 

    "Theatrical engagement" means any engagement or employment of a person as an actor, performer, or entertainer, in a circus, vaudeville, theatrical or any other entertainment, exhibition, or performance. 

  (225 ILCS 515/8) (from Ch. 111, par. 908) 
    Sec. 8. Any such licensee conducting a theatrical employment agency, before making a theatrical engagement, except an emergency engagement, for an employee with any employer, for services in any such engagement, shall prepare and file in such agency a written statement signed and verified by the employment agent of such licensee, setting forth how long said employer has been engaged in the theatrical business. Every such statement shall be kept for the period of one year and shall set forth whether or not such employer, while financially interested in a theatrical business, has failed to pay salaries, or "left stranded" any company, group or employee during the two years preceding the date of application; and further, shall set forth the names of at least two persons as references. If such employer is a corporation, such statement shall set forth the names of the officers and directors thereof, the length of time such corporation, or any of its officers have been engaged in the theatrical business, and the amount of the paid up capital stock. If the employer conducts a cabaret or night-club, the agent shall include in such statement the name and address of the owner or owners, and whether they have failed to pay salaries to employees within the past two years. If any allegation in such written verified statement is made upon information or belief, the person verifying this statement shall set forth the sources of his information or belief. Such statement so on file shall be kept for the benefit of any employees whose services are sought by any such employers. 

    Every such licensee conducting a theatrical employment agency who shall procure for or offer to an applicant a theatrical engagement, or any kind of employment as an entertainer, shall have executed in triplicate a contract containing the name and address of the applicant, the name and address of the employer and that of the employment agency acting for such employer, in employing or furnishing such applicant for employment, the character of the entertainment to be given, or services to be rendered, the number of performances to be given per day or per week, by whom the transportation, if any, is to be paid, and if it is to be paid by the applicant either the cost of the transportation between the places where said entertainment or services are to be given or rendered, or the average cost of such transportation. Said contract shall state from whom said applicant is to receive his or her salary, the amount of salary promised and the gross commissions or fees are to be paid by said applicant and to whom such gross commissions or fees to be paid. The original contract shall be given to the applicant for employment, the duplicate contract shall be given to the employer and the triplicate contract shall be kept on file in the office of the agency for a period of one year. 
(Source: Laws 1951, p. 1929.)

The Illinois Department of Labor now provides this page with many links that are helpful regarding employment agencies and talent agencies:

The Illinois Department of Labor lists licensed employment agencies, and mixes the talent agencies among them.  Below are the agencies that were licensed as of the end of 2018.  This is not very useful to those seeking a talent agent in Illinois, but it is at least better than the total non-listing that was the case until recently.   In the list below, scattered among the employment agencies, cleaning agencies, home health care agencies, etc., you will find Talent Agencies, modeling agencies, etc.  Illinois is not very helpful to actors and models, and desperately needs an updated, modern law and a new way of listing these agencies, as well as proactive monitoring of talent and model agencies.